validation : column constraints Choosing constraints
variables : assigning Writing compatible queries
variables : debugging Inspecting and modifying variables
variables : local Writing compatible queries
variables : SELECT statement Writing compatible queries
variables : SET statement Writing compatible queries
variables : Transact-SQL Variables in Transact-SQL procedures
vector aggregates The GROUP BY clause: organizing query results into groups
verifying : database design Step 5: Verify the design
version : Java Java version
version : JDBC Java version
version number : file names File naming conventions
versions : classes Java objects and class versions
views : check option Using the WITH CHECK OPTION clause
views : creating Creating views
views : deleting Deleting views
views : FROM clause The FROM clause: specifying tables
views : joins CHAPTER 6. Joins: Retrieving Data from Several Tables
views : modifying Modifying views
views : owner Ownership permissions overview
views : permissions Permissions on views
RESOURCE authority overview
Table and views permissions overview
views : security Using views and procedures for extra security
views : security features Security features overview
views : updating Using views
views : using Using views
views : working with Working with views
vipx.386 file : network protocols Using IPX with Windows 3.x
VM : attaching to Attaching to a VM
VM : Java virtual machine How does Java get executed in a database?
VM : starting How memory is used
VM : stopping How memory is used
vnetware.386 file : network protocols Using IPX with Windows 3.x
void : Java methods Java classes and objects