UID connection parameter : about Connection parameters
UNC connection parameter : about Connection parameters
unchained mode : transactions Setting autocommit or manual commit mode
uncommitted data : avoiding using cursors Cursor stability
Unconditional connection parameter : about Connection parameters
Unicode character sets : about Variable length character sets
UNION operation : about The UNION operation: combining queries
unique columns : Java columns Comparing Java objects
unique cursors : about Types of cursor
unique keys : generating and concurrency Primary key generation
unique results : limiting Eliminating duplicate query results
UNIX : database server Platform-specific instructions
UNIX : deployment issues UNIX deployment issues
UNIX : directory structure UNIX deployment issues
UNIX : ODBC support Using ODBC data sources on UNIX
UNIX : threaded applications UNIX deployment issues
unknown values. about Unknown Values: NULL
UNLOAD TABLE statement : about Unloading data using the UNLOAD TABLE statement
unloading : databases Unloading a database using DBUNLOAD
unloading : tables Unloading a database using DBUNLOAD
unserializable transaction scheduling : effects of Correctness
UPDATE permissions Granting permissions on tables and views
UPDATE statement Using the LTM
UPDATE statement : Java Updating Java objects
UPDATE statement : locking during Locking during updates
UPDATE statement : positioned Modifying rows through a cursor
UPDATE statement : using Changing data using UPDATE
UPDATE statement : using join operations Changing data using UPDATE
URL : database Specifying a database on a server
URL : jConnect Supplying a URL for the server
user authentication : security features Security features overview
user estimates : selectivity User estimates
user identification : security features Security features overview
user IDs : Adaptive Server Enterprise Users and groups
user IDs : case-sensitivity Case-sensitivity
user IDs : creating Creating new users
user IDs : default The user ID default
DBA authority overview
user IDs : deleting Revoking user permissions
user IDs : listing Users and permissions in the system tables
user IDs : managing CHAPTER 21. Managing User IDs and Permissions
user IDs : security tip Security tips
user-defined classes : Java User-defined classes
user-defined data types : case-sensitivity Case-sensitivity
user-defined data types : CHECK conditions Column CHECK conditions from user-defined data types
user-defined functions : calling Calling user-defined functions
user-defined functions : creating Creating user-defined functions
user-defined functions : dropping Dropping user-defined functions
user-defined functions : execution permissions Permissions to execute user-defined functions
user-defined functions : external Calling external libraries from procedures
user-defined functions : parameters Passing parameters to functions
user-defined functions : using Introduction to user-defined functions
Userid connection parameter : about Connection parameters
users : adding to groups Granting group membership to users
users : creating Managing individual user IDs and permissions
users : occasionally connected Replication and concurrency
uses for locks The four types of locks
utilities Connecting from Adaptive Server Anywhere utilities
utility database : about Using the utility database
utility database : passwords Utility database passwords
utility database : security Utility database server security